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Winter hat - Russian Ushanka
gray faux fur.

This Russian ushanka winter hat is warm and comfy, as well as stylish. Thick and soft artificial fur covers the outside. The ear flaps can be worn up, behind or down.
Cotton lining is filled and padded with layers of hat cotton, viscose (rayon) and flax fibers.
Made in Belarus from the highest quality locally manufactured materials only.
For your convenience an insignia (as pictured) will come unattached to the hat.

Throughout history, old fashioned Russian Ushanka has inspired various other hat styles, such as Trapper, BomberŪ brand hats or Aviator hats. Numerous other winter hats with earflaps, spawned by the original Ushanka style, are common in the countries of the former USSR, China, North Korea, Eastern Europe and others. Unlike many other cheap knock-offs and online offers of Ushanka "style" hats, our hats are genuine products made in Russia or Belarus from the highest quality locally manufactured materials only.

This hat is excellent for keeping the ears and neck warm, blocking out the cold wind and snow, with the ear flaps from the soft faux fur. Great for cold days outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hunting or anytime you need to keep warm and in style. You can tie its warm comfortable ear flaps either beneath your chin, on top of your head, or at the back for three different styles.

winter hat Warmest gray winter hat
Padding Lining Winter Hat Ear Flaps tightend behind

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